Optacy Privacy Mangement

Optacy provides advanced solutions for enterprise privacy management, including the industry’s most advance, dedicated toll-free number solution for CCPA and other privacy laws. 

For capabilities and pricing, contact sales@optacy.com

Privacy Features

Toll-Free Number

  • Dedicated toll-free numbers for privacy compliance

  • Smart default settings—works out of the box

  • Customizable interactive voice response messages 

Interactive Web Form

  • Hosted by Optacy or embed in your properties

  • Modern look and feel with smart field validation

  • Satisfies CCPA’s “Do Not Sell My Info” requirements

Privacy Manager Dashboard

  • Configure toll-free number and web form

  • Calculate deadlines and track compliance

  • Full audit trail of all user activities

Extensible Capabilities

  • Log requests to third party help desks

  • Single sign on with Okta, SAML, Oauth

  • Full API capabilities and webhooks

About Optacy

Optacy is an enterprise privacy management solution trusted to deliver reliable compliance automation. Optacy is made in the USA and designed to satisfy the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act. It is an adaptable solution that is also suitable for managing privacy requests pursuant to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and Brazil’s General Data Protection Law. 

Enterprise Solutions

Representative Accelerated Implementation Timeline

Week 1

Demonstrate system; gather requirements

Present pricing, implementation stratagy

Execute order form

Week 2

Customize consumer-facing touchpoints

Integrate SSO and APIs as needed 

Onboard platform admins; begin testing

Week 3

Complete client acceptance testing

Onboard non-admin users; training webinar

Publish privacy solution in privacy policy